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Вчора в Києві погромники розбили художню виставку з політичних цензурних мотивів.

Те, що всякі (про)російські бандити будуть поступово знищені - це зрозуміло. Незрозуміло, з яким суспільством ми залишимось після перемоги над зовнішнім ворогом. Конаючий російський тоталітаризм отруїв нас трупним ядом? Бандити (інші) тепер будуть вирішувати, що можна виставляти/говорити/думати?

Date: 2017-02-08 08:44 pm (UTC)
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(sorry for my ruglish; my primary laptop just began updating itself & I don't have a cyr. kbd on the device I'm writing from)

I really don't believe that someone, who is not an imbecile, can adhere to communist ideas in 2017. the painter in question is obviously not an imbecile. therefore...

& I still think you're overreacting a bit.

the whole commotion is nothing more than a storm in a teacup.

Date: 2017-02-08 09:18 pm (UTC)
henry_flower: A melancholy wolf (Default)
From: [personal profile] henry_flower
1. some dude says "I believe in communist ideas!"
2. he is not 90 y.o.
3. it's 2017
4. ppl say about him "nay, he has been living off the kgb benefits"
5. I think (4) may be very well true, because of (1), (2) & (3)

which means,
the dude
has carefully planned the whole spectacle
just for the sake of becoming a "victim".

that's my hypothesis.

you're totally right about the freedom of speech but this is not the case when you/I/anyone should be concerned about it.



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